Private Client Services, LLC attended The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) November 1st through the 5th. The boat show is an unparalleled display of concentrated wealth, creating man’s most complicated blend of cold, hard engineering with a high order of art and aesthetics.

The Show is our Private Client Services Yacht Buyer’s Paradise

  • The world’s largest in-water boat show, displaying over 340 boats in the water from 50’ to 257’ in length, with over 200 yachts above 100’ in length and prices ranging up to $108,000,000.  Additionally, there are over 1,000 marine related exhibitors.
  • The Show has billions of dollars of product just sitting there for easy viewing.
  • The Show attracts more than 105,000 visitors over the 5-day event from 53 countries and generates more than $508,000 in sales.
  • This land and sea yachting show was established in 1959 and is held in seven locations, within Fort Lauderdale, connected by a network of water and land transportation.
  • This unparalleled display of toys for boys and girls requires the construction of over 7 miles of portable floating docks and totals more than 2 million square feet of indoor and outdoor space.
  • Essentially, a floating city within a city is built in three weeks before the first attendee shows up.  And, this floating city has thousands of residences consisting of yacht owners, brokers and yacht crew.

Our Private Client Services Staff has been on a ‘meet & greet’ campaign at the Show,
Discussing with Attendees why our dedication to representing only yacht buyers
Is totally unique within the yacht brokerage industry and
Is totally protective of the yacht buyer’s fiduciary, technical and aesthetic interests.

We have had the opportunity to ‘meet & greet’ individually over 400 attendees during the 5 days of the Show and
Have greatly enjoyed the back and forth dialogue with each person.

We offer to each attendee who is interested in buying a yacht the below Flyer & Flashlight gift, along with the following thoughts:

You wouldn’t hire your adversary’s Attorney,
So why rely on the Seller’s Broker
To help you buy the Seller’s yacht?

This presents a harmful Conflicts of interest problem,
Since the Broker advertising or showing a yacht at the Show represents only the Seller’s interest.

We are solely dedicated to representing the interest of our Buyer Clientele

2017 FLIBS Freebie from Private Client Services


The Boat Show season is fast approaching.
The maze of yachts being hawked by the enormous multitude
of yacht brokers representing anxious Sellers
is mind boggling and difficult to effectively grasp.

Let us represent you the yacht Buyer
in dealing with this multitude and its supporting Sellers’ brokers
in this often-confusing seasonal market.

Before going to a Show, we will use
our sophisticated Buyer Representation System
To provide you complete due diligence

About all yacht offerings and special market opportunities.

We will then completely organize your effort,
set up on-board appointments with the Seller’s broker,
guide and walk you through the Show,
control on your behalf all dealings with the Seller and his broker and
guide you through every step of the yacht buying process.

While we insulate you from the typical yacht salesman games,
You can efficiently and with great joy experience the Boat Show
And be comfortable that you will find
the right proper yacht at the right proper price.