Miniskirt Yacht - Interior

It is quite prevalent in the yacht brokerage industry that a Broker who represents a Seller and publicly advertises the Seller’s yacht endeavors to engage a relationship with a potential Buyer who responds to the Broker’s advertising, based on acting as the Agent of the Seller, while also trying to act as though he is the Agent of the Buyer and is there to protect the interests of the Buyer. This type of engagement should be rejected by the Buyer. It presents a Buyer with a serious Conflict of Interests problem.

With some sad humor, we often note that many Seller’s yacht Brokers, when they are contacted by a Buyer in response to a yacht ad, believe in the hoped for modus operandi on the part of a potential Buyer that can be stated as the “See Boat, Like Boat, Buy Boat, Quickly Collect a Commission” attitude. The attitude of this type of Broker is that he is the “Gatekeeper of Knowledge” and the less knowledge that is provided to the Buyer the better.

Private Client Services LLC stand between our client the yacht Buyer and the Seller’ yacht Broker. We control and negate any possibility of the above referenced Conflict of Interests and the Gatekeeper problem often associated with a Seller’s Broker.

We are dedicated to the principle that “Facts are Friendly“, even if painful. We are determined to be the Gatekeeper that totally opens the knowledge gate and provides our Client all relevant and discover-able facts, both positive and negative, about a potential yacht acquisition, in order that our Client can make a fully informed acquisition decision on their purchase of a yacht.

William Waite, Esquire