Luxury Motoryacht - Multi-Level

It is often said that a large yacht represents man’s most complicated blend of cold hard engineering with sophisticated display of fine art. It is also often noted that the purchase of a large yacht represents a person’s most expensive expenditure of a lifetime for personal pleasure. And, it is correct to say that the ownership and operation of a large yacht essentially amounts to the investment in and the management and operations of a sophisticated business asset. These facts can equate to an inordinate headache for a yacht Buyer, if he is dealing directly with the Seller or his yacht Broker and is expecting them to protect his interests.

Private Client Services LLC brings together a sophisticated and experienced Team of professionals that assumes on behalf of our Client the responsibility to execute a thorough and disciplined Investment Action Plan to control every phase of the yacht search and acquisition strategy, in order to assure that our client is purchasing the right proper yacht at the right proper price. A proper Investment Action Plan must apply serious businesslike due diligence analysis of:

  1. Market Valuations
  2. Technical Specifications
  3. Yacht Construction Standards
  4. Systems & Equipment Quality
  5. Cost of Ownership, including realistic operating costs and depreciation value
  6. Relevant Legal Issues.

Our development and execution on your behalf of this disciplined Investment Action Plan is a comforting thing to behold, verses what is commonly seen within the International yacht brokerage industry when the Buyer is dealing directly with the Seller’s yacht Broker.

William Waite, Esquire