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An immensely beneficial program to both you and your Owner
You receive a Fee or we donate your Fee to your favorite charity

We offer you the opportunity to join our sophisticated Team in representing only the Interests of your Owner, if he is contemplating the acquisition of a yacht or construction of a new build.  We represent only “Buyers” to eliminate the prevalent problem of a Conflict of Interests, when the Listing and Advertising Broker who represents the Seller also deals with the Buyer at the same time.

Our expertise and focus cover all international markets for both power and sail.  We execute the most sophisticated and thorough yacht research program.  Our negotiating strategies and purchase contracts are the most sophisticated in the industry, in terms of protecting the fiduciary interests of our Buyer.  Using extreme due diligence, we find our Buyer the right proper yacht at the right proper price.  This level of expertise and dedication is based on our decades of experience in the large yacht arena and decades of experience in legal practice.

We offer you two totally unique opportunities to make money as a Yacht Captain.  This is in return for you introducing us to a past, present or potential future yacht Owner who is interested in buying a yacht.  The immense benefit to you is two-fold.  You formally join our Team bringing to us your intimate knowledge of your Owner’s yachting lifestyle and technical preferences.  You are thus integral in helping us in our dedication to protecting specifically and only the interests of your Owner and now Buyer to be.

Our Captain Bonus Program is outlined as follows:

  1. There are two people who most clearly should be charged with singularly protecting the interest of a yacht Buyer – his Captain & his Broker.
  2. We establish a totally legal, totally transparent and totally honorable program in which you participate in the monetary rewards of your referred Owner’s purchase of a yacht through Private Client Services LLC, based on your introduction of your Owner to our unique services.  We believe that often the Owner’s Captain can be an indispensable addition to our Team, with respect to gaining a thorough understanding of the needs of his Owner and with respect to helping with our international search for the right proper yacht at the right proper price.
  3. In addition to executing the most comprehensive international search for the right proper yacht at the right proper price, we give you the ability to introduce your referred Owner to the opportunity to purchase quite unique yachts that are not formally or publicly available on the open market.  For further discussion of our Private Offering Program, please see the link at the top of our Homepage at www.pcsfl.net entitled Private Offerings.
  4. At present and if your Owner is interested in this size range, we have a “Private Offering” of a most unique 130’ motoryacht with a world class pedigree from one of the great custom builders in the world and owned since her birth in the early 2000s by one high-profile original Owner.  She has never been on the market for sale or charter.  She is immaculate and little used, having primarily been berthed privately under cover her whole life.  She is privately offered for sale at $8M.  We are also close to obtaining authority to offer privately a 200’ megayacht presently owned by a very high profile, high net worth individual.
  5. The immense benefit to your Owner is three-fold:  (1) he gets an expert Team that is solely dedicated to protecting his interest, as opposed to dealing with a broker who legally represents the Seller’s interests, (2) he gets you as his Captain fully integrated into our Team effort to protect only his interests, as opposed to you being shunted aside by the typical yacht broker and (3) if desired and as a result of your efforts, he gets access to special yachts that are not publicly on the market.
  6. The immense benefit to you is also two-fold: (1) you get the satisfaction of directly helping your Owner far beyond your normal function as his Captain in a manner that is seriously supported by us and (2) you participate in Private Client Services’ portion of the Fee that we extract from the commission the Seller pays to his Listing Broker at sale.  Your involvement in this transaction is conducted openly and with the permission of your Owner, who is now our Buyer Client.  If your Owner wishes that you not participate in our Fee, we will donate your portion of our Fee to your favorite charity of choice.

Please contact us for an in-depth discussion of our special services for yacht buyers and how we can work in a cooperative manner with you during the yacht search and acquisition process, while you function in your capacity as your referred Owner’s Captain & Consultant.

We can also discuss in detail the information about this very special privately offered 130’ motoryacht, if you think your Owner might be interested in her.

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