Luxury Motoryacht

At Private Client Services LLC, we have a favorite saying; i.e., “You wouldn’t hire your adversary’s attorney, so why engage the Seller’s yacht broker to help you buy the Seller’ yacht?”.

We insulate you from the headache of knowing whether your interests are really being protected, when you are dealing with the Seller or the Seller?s advertising yacht Broker.? We take charge of advising you through every stage of your yacht search and acquisition program, in a manner that controls on your behalf all elements of a relationship with a yacht Seller and his yacht Broker.? You know specifically that we are dedicated solely to protecting your interests as our yacht Buyer client, which dedication arises to the level of that which you would expect of your personal Attorney.

Our service is a game changer within the common modus operandi of the International yacht brokerage industry, in that you know we are working singularly for you the Buyer, with no allegiance to the interests of the yacht Seller.

William Waite, Esquire