Luxury Sailing Yacht

A Buyer’s acquisition of a large yacht almost always necessitates involvement with a yacht Seller and his advertising yacht Broker. It is clear that the acquisition of a large yacht amounts to the acquisition of a serious tangible business asset with a serious cash flow requirement and the possibility of serious liability. It is both common sense and logical that a yacht Buyer should be singularly represented by his own personal yacht Broker, with respect to all contact with a Seller or his yacht Broker.

Private Client Services LLC believes that this type of acquisition must have as its key foundation a sophisticated, creative and aggressive Acquisition Strategy that is 100% calculated to benefit the financial, aesthetic and operational interests of our yacht Buyer Client.? This foundation must be supported by long held expertise related to:

  1. Market Valuations
  2. Technical Specifications
  3. Yacht Construction Standards
  4. Systems & Equipment Quality
  5. Cost of Ownership, including realistic operating costs and depreciation value
  6. Relevant legal issues

This Buyer’s Acquisition Strategy should not be handled by the Seller’s Broker, since he is legally bound to try to benefit his Seller client. Nor should the Seller’s Broker try to benefit both his Seller client and his Buyer client at the same time. In spite of what a Seller’s advertising Broker might say, such a balancing act is impossible to properly manage. And, the Buyer’s Acquisition Strategy certainly should not be managed by the Seller’s Broker to benefit himself.

In essence, Private Client Services LLC brings to bear up the Acquisition Strategy our expertise and a sole determination that the only calculated benefit flows to our Buyer Client. This effort assures our Client that he is getting the right proper yacht at the right proper price.

William Waite, Esquire